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ultrasounds scans and photo paper


I'm one of the amateur bookbinders who lurks on this alias. I have a
question which I couldn't find an answer to in the archives. I hope this
is not too odd a question! :)

I recently found out I'm to have a child (yay!) and of course have
several ideas for books I plan to make. The question is about those
ubiquitous ultrasound photos you get from the doctor. I would like to
preserve these somehow in the best manner possible but would also like
to make them part of a book - probably by creating a "pocket" page so I
dont have to glue them and could remove them in the future. The paper
used for ultrasounds comes in a roll which is 4.25 inches wide and from
what I can tell from the wrapping seems to be some sort of photo
sensitive stuff.

Does anyone know, or know where I could ask, whether there are any
special concerns about preserving these scans? Are they similar enough
to a regular snapshot photo to treat them like that?


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