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Art Community

Dear List,

I'm currently entertaining thoughts of modifying my site:
to be more of a "directory" for book artists and the like.

I was inquiring as to how many people would be interested in having their
own "section" of the site to sell or promote their work.

I haven't determined a final price as of yet although it would probably be
in the range of $10-$20 a month.  I'd like to get an idea if anyone would
be interested and if so, what options they would like to have made
available.  (FTP access to your section, online editing of your pages for
uploading new photos and text, Email accounts, etc..)

If you are interested in such a prospect, please contact me off the list at:


Mitch Adams

PenPrints - Clamshell Boxes, Hand Bound Books,
and Fine Art


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