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Re: FYI France: new Institut d'Histoire du Livre, Lyon

This is a forward of a forward - am I being two-forward=3F

Paul T Werner=2C New York

WOID=3A A journal of visual language
THE ORANGE PRESS=2C publishing =22Vellum Preparation=3A History and Techn=
DRAGONSBLOOD AND ASHES=2C a project to research and practice the =

techniques of the medieval scribe

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From=3A edgar leon newman =3Cenewman=40nmsu=2Eedu=3E
Date=3A Saturday=2C June 16=2C 2001 3=3A13 pm
Subject=3A Re=3A FYI France=3A new Institut d=27Histoire du Livre=2C Lyon=

=3E ----- Original Message -----
=3E From=3A =22Jack Kessler=22 =3Ckessler=40well=2Ecom=3E
=3E To=3A =22Jack Kessler=22 =3Ckessler=40well=2Ecom=3E
=3E Sent=3A Friday=2C June 15=2C 2001 5=3A03 PM
=3E Subject=3A FYI France=3A new Institut d=27Histoire du Livre=2C Lyon
=3E =

=3E =

=3E =

=3E FYI France=3A the new Institut d=27Histoire du Livre=2C at Lyon
=3E =

=3E An important new site offering four good new databases -- for
=3E anyone interested in =22the book=22=2C or in information and
=3E communication=2C or in libraries or France or the history of
=3E science or history in general -- has been announced at=2C
=3E =

=3E http=3A//ihl=2Eenssib=2Efr
=3E =

=3E This is the new IHL / Institut d=27Histoire du Livre=2C a joint
=3E project of Lyon=27s outstanding Bibliothe=60que Municipale and Muse=27=
=3E de l=27Imprimerie=2C and the Ecole des Chartes=2C the ENSSIB=2C and t=
=3E Ecole Normale Sup=3A
=3E =

=3E =22The creation of the Institut d=27histoire du livre in
=3E April 2001 brought together the Municipal library and the
=3E Printing museum=2C already designated by the Bibliothe=60que
=3E nationale de France as the principal resource centre
=3E (po=5Ele associe=27) in the fields of printing and book
=3E history=2C with three grands e=27coles=3A the Ecole nationale
=3E des chartes (Paris)=3B the Ecole nationale supe=27rieure des
=3E sciences de l=27information et des bibliothe=60ques
=3E (Villeurbanne)=2C which is responsible for the training of
=3E library curators in France=3B and the Ecole normale
=3E supe=27rieure=2C lettres et sciences humaines which opened
=3E its doors in Lyons in September 2000=2C and whose
=3E researchers are particularly active in the fields of
=3E philosophy=2C linguistics and literature=2E The result was
=3E the creation of a new focal point for research in book
=3E history=2E=2E=2E=22
=3E =

=3E Online at the new site you can find the following=3A use the
=3E French language site only=2C as several items are not (yet=3F) shown
=3E on the English language version --
=3E =

=3E * Ecole de l=27Institut d=27Histoire du Livre / Book History Workshop=

=3E =

=3E =22The Book History Workshop is aimed not only at book and
=3E printing historians but also at the many other specialists who
=3E encounter questions related to book and printing history in the
=3E course of their work=3A researchers=2C teachers=2C archivists=2C
=3E librarians=2C antiquarian booksellers=2C designers=2C etc=2E
=3E =

=3E =22The courses offered by the Institut d=27histoire du livre
=3E cover various aspects of the history of the book and graphic
=3E communications=2E Subjects are dealt with from both theoretical and
=3E practical points of view through illustrated lectures=2C
=3E discussions and the study of original documents=2E The collections
=3E of Lyons city library and the Museum of printing provide an
=3E important source of original documents for study=2E
=3E =

=3E =22Each course is offered either in French or in English
=3E and is taught by a leading international specialist in the field
=3E under study=2E
=3E =

=3E =22Upcoming IHL classes =26 courses -- =22Organised in
=3E conjunction with the Rare Book School=2C Charlottesville=2C
=3E Virginia=22=2C as recently announced online on Exlibris --
=3E =

=3E =22Courses for September 2001 -- The Lyons-based Institut
=3E d=27histoire du livre is offering three advanced courses in the
=3E fields of book and printing history=2E  These four-day courses will
=3E take place in Lyons from the 24th to the 27th September 2001 --
=3E =

=3E =22** Type=2C lettering and calligraphy 1450-1830 (James Mosley)
=3E =

=3E =22The development of the major formal and informal book
=3E hands=2C the dominant printing types of each period=2C and their
=3E interrelationship=2E Topics include=3A the Gothic hands=3B humanistic=

=3E script=3B the Renaissance inscriptional capital=3B Garamond and the
=3E spread of the Aldine Roman=3B calligraphy from the chancery italic
=3E to the English round hand=3B the neo-classical book and its
=3E typography=3B and early commercial typography=2E The course
=3E presupposes a general knowledge of Western history and some
=3E awareness of the continuity of the Latin script but no special
=3E knowledge of typographical history=2E This course=2C which is taught
=3E in French=2C is also offered by the Rare Book School=2E
=3E =

=3E =22James Mosley=2C is Visiting Professor in the Department of
=3E Typography =26 Graphic Communication at the University of Reading=2E
=3E He retired as Librarian of the St Bride Printing Library in
=3E London in 1999=2E The founding editor of the Journal of the
=3E Printing Historical Society=2C he has written and lectured
=3E extensively on the history of European and English typography=2E
=3E =

=3E ** Texts and images in the digital age (Michel Melot)
=3E =

=3E =22The aim of the course is to examine the impact on the
=3E book of new authoring practices related to photography and
=3E digital techniques=2C of new modes of interactive reading=2C and of
=3E the abandonment of notions of linearity and exhaustivity=2E
=3E Subjects covered=3A opposition between text / image and space /
=3E time=3B oral and graphic dimensions of text=3B fixed and moving
=3E images=3B the impact of digital technology=3B consequences of the
=3E evolution of writing techniques and practices in aesthetic and
=3E legal terms (the book as an art object=2C the concept of author)=3B
=3E the consequences of these transformations on the history and
=3E nature of the book=2C the current evolution of its forms and
=3E content=2C and its future=2E This course is offered in French=2E
=3E =

=3E =22Michel Melot=2C was curator of prints and photographs at
=3E the Bibliothe=60que nationale de France before going on to direct
=3E the Bibliothe=60que publique d=27information of the Georges Pompidou
=3E Centre=2E He is currently in charge of the study=2C documentation and=

=3E inventory department of the Direction de l=27architecture et du
=3E patrimoine within the French Ministry of Culture and Communication=2E=

=3E He is the author of numerous studies including L=27Oeil qui rit =3A
=3E le pouvoir comique des images (1975)=2C L=27estampe=3A histoire d=27u=
=3E art (1981) and L=27Illustration=3A histoire d=27un art (1984)=2E=2E=2E=

=3E =

=3E ** Printed ephemera (Michael Twyman)
=3E =

=3E =22This course addresses printed ephemera from several
=3E different directions=2C but principally with the needs of the
=3E curator and collector in mind=2E It will focus on 19c British and
=3E French ephemera=2C though the general issues raised relate to all
=3E periods and to material in other languages=2E Classes will consist
=3E of a mix of illustrated talks on specific topics=2C discussion
=3E periods=2C and sessions spent looking at original items=2E Topics
=3E include=3A processes used in the production of ephemera (in
=3E particular=2C transfer lithography and chromolithography)=3B
=3E acquisitions policies and strategies=3B describing and cataloging
=3E ephemera=3B dating ephemera=3B terminology=3B digitization of
=3E collections=2E Members of the class are invited *though not
=3E required* to give short accounts or presentations of focused
=3E collections in their care=2C whether private or institutional=2E This=

=3E course=2C which is taught in English=2C is also offered by the Rare
=3E Book School=2E
=3E =

=3E =22Michael Twyman=2C is Emeritus Professor in the Department
=3E of Typography =26 Graphic Communication at the University of
=3E Reading and has written extensively on the history of printing=2C
=3E lithography and ephemera=2E He is the author of John Soulby=2C
=3E Printer=2C Ulverston (1966)=2C Printing 1770-1970 (1970=2C reprinted
=3E 1998)=2C The British Library Guide to Printing=3A History and
=3E Techniques (1998)=2C Lithography 1800-1850 (1970)=2C Early
=3E Lithographed Books (1990)=2C and Early Lithographed Music (1996)=2E
=3E He has recently completed and edited Maurice Rickards=27 The
=3E Encyclopedia of Ephemera (2000)=2E=22
=3E =

=3E IHL also offers=3A
=3E =

=3E * Journe=27es d=27Etudes / One - Day Seminars -- for example=3A
=3E =

=3E =22One - Day Seminar Series on the Production of the
=3E Ancient Book
=3E =

=3E =22The history of the book=2C conceived as a part of a more
=3E general history of the means of communication and information=2C is
=3E defined fundamentally as an historic crossroads=2E It is an
=3E economic history of production and distribution=2C but also an
=3E intellectual history of content=2C a cultural history of practices
=3E of reading and learning=2C an institutional history of
=3E administration and regulation=2C and an artistic history of forms
=3E -- of illustrations=2C typography=2C bindings=2E
=3E =

=3E =22At the heart of these investigations=2C =27the book as an
=3E object=27 -- written or printed=2C book proper or periodical allows
=3E us to see=2C in the multiplicity of its contents and its formats=2C
=3E the multiplicity as well of its underlying rationales=2C like that
=3E of the =5Breading and learning=5D practices of which it has been and
=3E continues to be the support=2E
=3E =

=3E =22The question of book - production also requires this
=3E =27archeology of the object=27 approach=2C via a dual research
=3E procedure=3A
=3E =

=3E =22a) in the very general sense of the history of ideas and
=3E of representations=2C the production of the book presents=2C like a
=3E mirror=2C the conditions of writing and work and conceptualization
=3E of a given era=3A the very forms of writing and of typography (the
=3E problems of abbreviations=2C of punctuation=2C etc=2E)=2C the appeara=
=3E of and organization of paragraphs=2C the presence or absence of
=3E location tools such as pagination and running titles=2C tables and
=3E indexes=2C the title page and its various components=2E Illustrations=
=3E the relation between text and image=2C decorative elements in any
=3E given case=2C all will be considered in this context=2E
=3E =

=3E =22b) in the sense of reading practices=2C the production of
=3E the book also informs us about access to the text -- varieties of
=3E learning and interpretation=2C and the structures of implicit reading=
=3E =

=3E =22The One - Day Seminar Series organized by the Institut
=3E d=27Histoire du Livre develops these ideas by placing them=2C
=3E systematically=2C in their most long - range context=2E=22
=3E =

=3E =22Four One - Day Seminars are scheduled for 2001=3A
=3E =

=3E =22* Ge=27ographies de la mise en page (10 mai)
=3E =

=3E Accueil des participants -- Patrick Bazin=2C directeur de la
=3E Bibliothe=60que municipale de Lyon
=3E =

=3E Pre=27sentation de la journe=27e -- Alan Marshall=2C conseiller
=3E scientifique=2C Muse=27e de l=27imprimerie de Lyon
=3E =

=3E La typographie lie=27goise au XVIIIe sie=60cle -- Daniel Droixhe=2C
=3E professeur aux Universite=27s de Bruxelles et de Lie=60ge
=3E =

=3E Couper les griffes au monstre =3A nouveaux textes=2C nouveaux livres
=3E dans l=27Espagne des Lumie=60res -- Maria Luisa Lopez - Vidriero=2C
=3E directrice de la Real Biblioteca=2C Madrid
=3E =

=3E Titre et mise en page des gazettes XVIIe et XVIIIe sie=60cles --
=3E Pierre Re=27tat=2C professeur e=27me=27rite a=60 l=27Universite=27 de=
 Lyon II
=3E =

=3E Vraies et fausses mises en page lyonnaises -- Guy Parguez=2C
=3E conservateur=2C Bibliothe=60que municipale de Lyon
=3E =

=3E Re=60gles typographiques et re=60gles d=27orthographe dans la
=3E composition de textes complexes -- Richard Southall=2C conseiller
=3E typographique=2C professeur invite=27 au De=27partement de la
=3E typographie et de la communication graphique=2C Universite=27 de
=3E Reading
=3E =

=3E La mise en page dans son contexte culturel -- Ladislas Mandel=2C
=3E Dessinateur de caracte=60res
=3E =

=3E Conclusion -- Dominique Varry=2C mai=5Etre de confe=27rences a=60
=3E l=27Enssib
=3E =

=3E =22* La mise en page du livre scientifique (14 juin)
=3E =

=3E Accueil des participants -- Patrick Bazin=2C directeur de la
=3E Bibliothe=60que municipale de Lyon
=3E =

=3E Pre=27sentation de la journe=27e -- Fre=27de=27ric Barbier=2C profess=
=3E d=27histoire du livre a=60 l=27Enssib=2C directeur d=27e=27tudes a=60=
=3E pratique des hautes e=27tudes
=3E =

=3E L=27histoire naturelle en livres (XIIIe au XVIe sie=60cle) -- Marie -=

=3E Pierre Dion=2C directeur de la Bibliothe=60que municipale de Valencie=
=3E =

=3E Manuels pratiques a=60 l=27usage des inge=27nieurs (XVIIe et XVIIIe
=3E sie=60cles) -- Catherine Bousquet - Bressolier=2C charge=27e de
=3E confe=27rences a=60 l=27Ecole pratique des hautes e=27tudes
=3E =

=3E Qu=27est-ce qu=27un article au Journal des Savants=3F -- Jean - Pierr=
=3E Vittu=2C professeur a=60 l=27Universite=27 d=27Orle=27ans
=3E =

=3E Les livres d=27art militaire franc=2Cais au sie=60cle des Lumie=60res=
=3E Nicolas Hacquebart - Desvignes=2C doctorant=2C Ecole pratique des
=3E hautes e=27tudes
=3E =

=3E Le texte et l=27image dans le livre d=27architecture au XIXe et XXe
=3E sie=60cles -- Be=27atrice Bouvier=2C boursie=60re de la Fondation Thi=
=3E =

=3E La vulgarisation scientifique et technique dans L=27Enciclopedia
=3E Espasa -- Philippe Castellano=2C mai=5Etre de confe=27rences a=60
=3E l=27Universite=27 de Rennes 2
=3E =

=3E Le Journal de physique hier et aujourd=27hui -- Jean - Marc
=3E Quilbe=27=2C e=27diteur=2C directeur de EDP Sciences
=3E =

=3E Conclusion -- Michel Blay=2C directeur de la recherche a=60 l=27Ecole=

=3E normale supe=27rieure=2C lettres et sciences humaines (Lyon)
=3E =

=3E and -- program detail to be announced --
=3E =

=3E =22* La mise en page du texte poe=27tique (8 novembre)
=3E =

=3E =22* La mise en page du livre religieux (13 d=E9cembre)
=3E =

=3E =

=3E =5BIf your palate by now is watering=2C and in case you will be in
=3E Lyon or even in Paris -- Paris to Lyon is 2 hours door - to -
=3E door now=2C via TGV=2C and the train stops literally at the doorway
=3E of the Bibliothe=60que Municipale -- I will be happy personally to
=3E provide=2C to anyone=3A
=3E =

=3E * hotel suggestions in Lyon
=3E * restaurant suggestions in Lyon
=3E * things to do suggestions in / around Lyon
=3E * warm recommendations of Lyon and the Lyonnais
=3E as a town / people / place to visit / place to stay
=3E =

=3E plus enthusiastic endorsement of the Lyon Bibliothe=60que
=3E Municipale and Muse=27e de l=27Imprimerie=2C the ENSSIB=2C and all th=
=3E involved in this IHL / Institut d=27Histoire du Livre project=2E=2E=2E=

=3E =

=3E Lyon helped us raise our kids=2C their excellent Bibliothe=60que
=3E Municipale (Croix Rousse branch=2C mostly) helped them to learn
=3E their French=2C their wonderful Muse=27e de l=27Imprimerie taught the=
=3E to bind books=2E=2E=2E and we have spent many good times living in an=
=3E touring the very accessible and very beautiful Lyon area=2E=2E=2E=5D
=3E =

=3E =

=3E The IHL site also offers four remarkable new online resources=3A
=3E =

=3E 1) L=27Esprit des Livres -- Nouvelles approches pour l=27e=27tude des=

=3E bibliothe=60ques prive=27es
=3E =

=3E =22The aim of the project is to encourage new research into
=3E the private libraries of the Ancien Re=27gime=2C also to offer means
=3E of publicizing their contents in some useful manner=2E  For a study
=3E of the catalogs of public sale from the period 1680-1811=2C this
=3E project envisions a knowledge of private libraries of the Ancien
=3E Re=27gime which combines the approaches of historians=2C librarians=2C=

=3E and writers=2E
=3E =

=3E =22The research is structured around two principal themes=3A
=3E =

=3E =22** a computerized database of sales catalogs preserved
=3E in France
=3E =

=3E =22** a study of the libraries of the fermiers ge=27ne=27raux=2C
=3E and of the effect which they had upon the book
=3E =

=3E with access to their remarkable database -- sample entry=3A
=3E =

=3E Possesseur
=3E Nom M=2E***=2E
=3E  Ourches=2C comte Le=27on d=27
=3E Residence  Nancy =3F
=3E Notes  Blogie=2C J=2E
=3E Vente
=3E Condition de vente aux enche=60res / en de=27tail
=3E Date de vente le courant du mois de de=27cembre prochain /
=3E lundi 16 de=27cembre 1811
=3E Date de de=27but  18111216
=3E Date de fin  18120114
=3E Lieu de vente  Paris
=3E Vendeur  Brunet=2C Jean - Charles fils / Vincent=2C
=3E P=2E-L=2E (C=2E-P=2E)
=3E Localisation en l=27une des salles de la rue des Bons -
=3E Enfants=2C n=B030=2E
=3E Description
=3E Titre Catalogue des livres rares=2C pre=27cieux et bien
=3E conditionne=27s du cabinet de M=2E***=2C contenant une partie des plu=
=3E anciennes Editions du 15e sie=60cle =3B une belle suite d=27Auteurs
=3E classiques grecs et latins=2C la plupart en grand papier =3B une
=3E collection d=27ouvrages d=27Histoire naturelle=2C avec des planches
=3E colorie=27es =3B un grand nombre d=27Editions de luxe =3B des Livres
=3E imprime=27s sur velin=2C et quelques Manuscrits richement de=27core=27=
s =3A
=3E le tout accompagne=27 d=27e=27claircissemens ne=27cessaires=2E Par J=2E=
=3E Brunet fils=2E Prix=2C 3 francs=2E
=3E Adresse  Paris=3A Brunet=2C Jean-Charles fils=3A Crapelet=2C 1811
=3E Format  8
=3E Collation  xvj=2C 304=2C (4)=2C 8 p=2E (sig=2E ( )8 (1-19)8 ( )6)
=3E Pagination  332
=3E Pre=27cisions
=3E Genre Cat=2E de vente
=3E Pie=60ces liminaires  oui
=3E Code  Avis au lecteur / Table des divisions / Table
=3E des vacations / Index alphabe=27tique / Divers
=3E Classement  me=27thodique =22des libraires de Paris=22 (5 classes)
=3E Prix  non
=3E Non livres  Manuscrits / Estampes / Cartes
=3E Nombre d=27articles  1571
=3E References bibliographiques  Blogie=2C J=2E
=3E Notes  coll=2E d=27incunables=2C rel=2E =3B correct=2E et additions
=3E =3B mat=2E dom=2E =3A Belles-Lettres
=3E Exemplaires
=3E Ex=2E biblio B=2EM=2EL=2E 345575 rel=2E cart=2E=2C faux titre =3B
=3E Le=27on d=27Ourches=2C nom du poss=2E mss=2E sur faux t=2E et p=2E de=
 t=2E =3B
=3E relie=27 apre=60s le cat=2E =3A par continuation=2E Notice d=27un bon=
=3E de livres=2C=2E=2E=2E77 n=B0=2C 8 p=2E =3B cachet de provenance =3A d=
ept de la
=3E Seine 3 C=2E  Notes manuscrites / Prix manuscrits / Noms des
=3E acqu=E9reurs manuscrits / Marque de provenance de l=27exemplaire
=3E Provenance  Dpt de la Seine =3F
=3E =

=3E =

=3E 2) Histoire du livre sur le web / Book history on the web
=3E searchable data base of web links -- sample entry=3A
=3E =

=3E Stift St=2E Paul
=3E  Monaste=60re Saint Paul / Monastery of St=2E Paul
=3E  St=2E Paul im Lavanttal  St=2E Paul  9470  Autriche
=3E  tel =3A +43-4357 2019-22
=3E fax =3A +43-4357 2019-23
=3E =

=3E  Monaste=60re be=27ne=27dictin fonde=27 en 1091=2C abrite un muse=27e=

=3E de peintures=2C ivoires=2C objets d=27or et d=27argent=2C numismatiqu=
e=2C une
=3E collection d=27art chinois et une bibliothe=60que riche de 4000
=3E manuscrits=2C 2800 incunables=2C 180 000 livres imprime=27s et 25000
=3E estampes=2E
=3E =

=3E Visiter le site=2E =5Blink=5D
=3E Envoyer un mail=2E =5Blink=5D
=3E =

=3E =

=3E 3) Agenda -- currently listing=2C for example=3A
=3E =

=3E * 20 mars-17 juin -- Contes de f=E9es -- Exposition qui se propose
=3E de revisiter le ce=27le=60bre Cabinet des fe=27es publie=27 par Charl=
es -
=3E Joseph Mayer entre 1785 et 1789=2E=2E=2E  le talent de visionnaires d=
=3E fe=27erie comme Gustave Dore=27 et Arthur Rackam=2C dont seront
=3E expose=27s des dessins originaux=2E -- Bibliothe=60que nationale de
=3E France=2C site Tolbiac=2E=2E=2E
=3E =

=3E * 5 avril-29 juin -- Tristan l=27Hermite -- La Biblioth=E8que
=3E Mazarine et l=27Association des Amis de Tristan l=27Hermite
=3E ce=27le=60breront le quatrie=60me centenaire de la naissance de Trist=
=3E l=27Hermite en lui consacrant une exposition de tonalite=27
=3E re=27solument bibliographique et =22bibliophilique=22=2E=2E=2E
=3E =

=3E * 16 mai-28 juillet -- Voyages=3A a Smithsonian Librairies
=3E Exhibition -- =2E=2E=2Eentre les autres le Sidereus nuncius magna
=3E (Venise=2C 1610)=2C les quatre volumes de la Topographia Galliae de
=3E Martin Zeiller (Frankfort=2C 1655-1661) et A Voyage towards the
=3E South Pole and round the world (London=2C 1977) de James Cook=2E --
=3E The Grolier Club=2E=2E=2E
=3E =

=3E * 4-6 juin -- Libros de caballeri=27as (de Amadi=27s al Quijote)=2E
=3E Poe=27tica=2C lectura=2C representaci=F3n e identidad -- Colloque
=3E international organise=27 par la Sociedad de estudios medievales y
=3E renacentistas en collaboration avec l=27universite=27 de Cologne=2E I=
=3E se d=E9roulera =E0 l=27Universit=E9 de Salamanque dans le cadre des
=3E s=E9minaires d=27=E9tudes m=E9di=E9vales et de la Renaissance=2E=2E=2E=

=3E =

=3E * 19-22 juillet 2001 -- Ninth Annual Conference of the Society
=3E for the History of Authorship=2C Reading and Publishing=2C
=3E Williamsburg=2C Virginia -- La confe=27rence concernera l=27histoire =
=3E livre mais aussi le livre et les bibliothe=60ques dans le nouveau
=3E millenium=2E=2E=2E
=3E =

=3E * 1-4 octobre -- Congreso Internacional sobre la Abade=27a de Santo
=3E Domingo de Silos -- En occasion du mille=27naire de la naissance de
=3E S=2E Dominique de Silos=2C restaurateur de la ce=27le=60bre abbaye
=3E be=27ne=27dictine de Burgos=2C le monaste=60re de Silos et l=27Univer=
=3E de Burgos ont organise=27 un colloque international avec des
=3E sections consacre=27es a=60 l=27histoire=2C a=60 l=27histoire de l=27=
art=2C a=60 la
=3E culture et a=60 la spiritualite=27=2E=2E=2E
=3E =

=3E * 26-28 novembre -- Electronic Resources=2E Definition=2C selection
=3E and cataloguing -- Colloque international organise=27 par
=3E l=27Universite=27 de Rome La Sapienza=2C Ecole spe=27ciale pour les
=3E archivistes et les bibliothe=27caires=2C le Ministe=60re des Biens
=3E culturels et l=27Association italienne des biblioth=E8ques=2E=2E=2E
=3E =

=3E =

=3E 4) A Lire -- Ouvrages re=27cemment parus =5Bcontaining=2C currently=2C=
=3E fascinating and useful list of new and interesting works to be
=3E read in all of the fields mentioned above -- think different /
=3E think French=2E=2E=2E=5D
=3E =

=3E =

=3E So=2C happy summer reading=2E=2E=2E Paris is 77 degrees today and sun=
ny /
=3E Lyon is 82 and it=27s gonna rain / San Francisco is 90+ and running
=3E out of electricity=2E=2E=2E
=3E =

=3E But =22what=2C me worry=3F=22 because I=27m on my way to a holiday in=
=3E Paraguay=2E=2E=2E somebody please tell me what they=27re reading nowa=
=3E in sunny Paraguay=3F=2E=2E=2E See y=27all in Julio=2E=2E=2E
=3E =

=3E =

=3E --oOo--
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=3E FYI France (sm)(tm) e-journal                   ISSN 1071 - 5916
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=3E      *
=3E      =7C           FYI France (sm)(tm) is a monthly electronic
=3E      =7C           journal published since 1992 as a small-scale=2C
=3E      =7C           personal experiment=2C in the creation of large-
=3E      =7C           scale =22information overload=22=2C by Jack Kessle=
=3E     / =5C          Any material written by me which appears in
=3E    -----         FYI France may be copied and used by anyone for
=3E   //   =5C=5C        any good purpose=2C so long as=2C a) they give m=
=3E  ---------       credit and show my email address=2C and=2C b) it
=3E //       =5C=5C      isn=27t going to make them money=3A if it is goi=
=3E  to make them money=2C they must get my permission
=3E in advance=2C and share some of the money which they get with me=2E
=3E Use of material written by others requires their permission=2E
=3E FYI France archives may be found at http=3A//infolib=2Eberkeley=2Eedu=

=3E (search fyifrance)=2C or http=3A//www=2Ecru=2Efr/listes/biblio-fr=40c=
=3E (BIBLIO-FR archive)=2C or http=3A//listserv=2Euh=2Eed
=3E (PACS-L archive) or http=3A//www=2Efyifrance=2Ecom =2E Suggestions=2C=

=3E reactions=2C criticisms=2C praise=2C and poison-pen letters all will =
=3E gratefully received at kessler=40well=2Esf=2Eca=2Eus =2E
=3E =

=3E        Copyright 1992- =2C by Jack Kessler=2C
=3E all rights reserved except as indicated above=2E
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=3E --hjlm--

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