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Re: wool and plastic

At 05:17 PM 6/17/2001, you wrote:
>I need help removing melted plastic(a plastic sleeve) from a wool tapestry.
>Suggestions are welcome with thanks.
>Raphiel B
>       Dear Raphiel - Don't boil it!!! You can't tell without testing them
> individually whether the dyes used in the piece would run, and of course
> if you boil a wool piece you will end up with felt, not tapestry. And I
> would be really reluctant to put any precious object in a microwave. I
> think your best bet would be to ask another list I belong to, Texcons,
> the textile conservation list. Would you like me to forward your query to
> them? I also belong to the Cons DistList, a general museum conservation
> list, and would be happy to forward it to them as well.


Anne T. Lane, Collections Manager
York County Culture & Heritage Commission
4621 Mount Gallant Road
Rock Hill SC 29732-8666
803-329-2121, ext. 104
Fax 803-329-5249

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