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For sale: POLIMERO polymer machine A4+

Dear friends and colleagues,

In one of the lots I have acquired for my press there is a POLIMERO
machine for making polymer printing plates that I won't keep. It is only
used for a couple of hours, by the former user. The machine is a
combined exposure, wash-out and dryer and accepts up to A4+ plate sizes.

I am offering this at about USD 1000 (depending on exchange rates, since
the Swedish krona is losing value against the USD every day now) plus
shipping + crating. European customers should be aware that there is a
flat-rate shipping option for palletized goods within EEC for about USD
150 if I don't remember wrong.

The company website for the manufacturer is: http://www.houtstra.nl

Mats Broberg
Hauptvägen 102
SE-123 58 Farsta — Sweden
Phone & fax: +46 8 604 59 81

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