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Dear friends-=20
I have just completed a letterpress edition, Tango Bar,=20
the details of which are as follows:

Drawings, calligraphy, hand coloring and text from
the novel, THE MARC BALLROOM by Alice Simpson
Historical tango lyrics: Catulo Castillo, H. Johnson,
Pedro Contursi, Alfredo Le Pera, Carlos Gardel

Accordion structure. 8 pages, 11.5=E2=80=9D by 8=E2=80=9D=20
Four letterpress dance illustrations and=20
calligraphy hand colored by artist.
Letterpress printed on Stonehenge from polymer plates
on a Vandercook Universal III. Bauer Bodoni type.
Bound by the artist in violet iridescent Asahi silk.
Fireworks end papers and box liner by Claire Maziarczyck.
Coordinated lined box by Carolyn Chadwick
with set in label, printed and hand colored by artist.

Edition of twenty~two plus Artist Proof
Ten in clam shell boxes (five remain) - Thirteen without box
Published at The Center for Book Arts, New York
2 0 0 1

I would appreciate any information about institutions or individuals who=20
be seriously interested in purchasing artist books about the dance.=20
Any information would be gratefully appreciated as I begin the=20
marketing portion of this production.

Please contact me off-line.=20

I can e-mail the image to interested parties (with Acrobat 4.0).
Postcards are in the works.

Thank you.
Alice Simpson
<A HREF=3D"mailto:<apeachw96@aol.com>"><apeachw96@aol.com></A>=20

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