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Re: book arts in Cleveland?

on 6/20/01 7:01 AM, Jean Zimmerman at zimm4@FUSE.NET wrote:

> Are there any artist's book dealers or collectors in Cleveland? How about
> letterpress shops?
> Jean Zimmerman
> zimm4@fuse.net
Hello Jean,

I am in charge of the letterpress studio at the School of Art at Kent State
University; about 50 minutes from Cleveland. The Type High press is a
teaching press utilized by the students and faculty of the division of
Visual Communication Design.

I get to host a book arts workshop each summer. Don Glaister and Suzanne
Moore just completed a workshop last week. They have recently moved to
Cleveland from Alabama.

You probably will hear from Carolyn Fraser. She is a subscriber to the
ListServ. Carolyn has recently started the Idlewild press in Cleveland and
is associated with the Zygote Press, a cooperative for printmakers.

Carolyn is at  idlewildpress@earthlink.net

Are you planning a visit to north east Ohio ?

Best wishes,   Eric May    emay1@kent.edu

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