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Space Available at 2001 Calligraphic Odyssey

Spaces Available in Classes
at 2001: A Calligraphic Odyssey!

There is still space in many classes at 2001:  A CALLIGRAPHIC ODESSEY. 21st
International Gathering of Lettering Artists.
July 28 - August 4, 2001. Stonehill College, Boston, Massachusetts USA. The
classes with space for more students are listed below. Cost: Resident: $899.
Commuter: $550

Half Week Class Registration
Now Available for Odyssey
   Registration has now been opened for 1/2 week classes for either commuter
or resident participants.  The commuter rate is $275. This includes
conference fees, lunch and dinner. The resident rate for a 2.5-day class is
$475.00. This includes conference fees, three nights accommodations (based on
double occupancy in the Dorm) and all meals. The non-participant rate for the
half-week is $225. This rate includes all of the amenities of the
participants rate except taking a class. Choose to commute, a
Saturday/Tuesday half week or a Wednesday/Saturday half week, whichever
suites your needs, we know that your time at Odyssey will be "The Ultimate

For more information or to register contact:
2001: A Calligraphic Odyssey, 196 Lassel St,
West Roxbury, MA 02132. email: Letter2001@aol.com
   Vist their web site: www.masscribes.org/odyssey.

(The conference begins on Saturday, July 28th, but classes
don't start until Sunday morning. All classes have
finished by noon on Friday. For more details contact

Full Week Classes
 L3  Vellum: Working with Skins  (Denis Brown)
 L4  Value Contrast: Exploring the Gray Are (Annie Cicale)
 L8  Timeless Treasures: Exporing Polymer Clay  (Dayle Doroshow)
 L9  Blackletter with Gothic Capitals  (Ward Dunham)
 L10 Beginning Jewelry  (Angela Gleason)
 L13  Graphic Pleasures of the Relief Print  (Linnea Lundquist & Jovica
 L15  Luminous Layering  (Kate McKulla)
 L24  Calligraphic Lettering Design  (Julian Waters)
 L25  Writing and Illuminating on Vellum  (Sheila Waters)

HALF WEEK CLASSES: Instruction: Sunday, Monday, 1/2 day on Tuesday
 ST27 Going For Gold   (Lorna Bambury)
 ST28  Design: A Space Odyssey  (Gail Vick Barnhardt & Marijo Carney)
 ST38 Charismatic Italic  (Claude Dieterich A.)
 ST41 Paste Paper Landscape Books (Jean Formo)
 ST44  Carolingian   (Sharon Hanse)
 ST47 Introduction to Pointed Brush (Eliza Holliday)
 ST59 Calligraphic Paper Casting (Joan Merrell)
 ST72  Clash of the Romans: Two Approachs to the Modulated Line (Van

HALF WEEK CLASSES: Instruction: Wednesday, Thursday, 1/2 day on Friday
 WF29 Design 2 and You  (Carney/Barnhardt)
 32  Spencerian  (Pat Blair)
 34  Writing Movement  (Clayton /Pavan)
 39 Copious Copperplate  (Claude Dieterich A.)
 48  Introduction to Edged Brush (Eliza Holliday)
 55 Mixed-Media Collage  (MAry Lawler)
 57 Every Page is a Stage... (Betty Locke)
 58 Calligraphic Adornment (Katherine Malmsten)
 61  Photo Transfer Magic  (Cherryl Moote)
 62 Marks & Metals II   (Victoria Pittman)
 65 Pointed Brush with Watercolor (Marilyn Reaves)
 67 Carolingian (Myrna Rosen)
 73 Weaver Writing  (Gwen Weaver)
 74 Illumination: Sensational Certificates & Ravashing Resolutions (Valerie

You don't have to register for classes to view the exhibits or shop at the
stores. The stores generally open at 1:00 pm on Saturday, July 28th and close
at varying times on Friday, August 3rd. Info on exhibits (Faculty,
Participants, & other) hours will be sent at a later date. Evening lectures
are also open to the public for a small admission charge. Details will follow
in a later email.

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