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Summer courses at the Centro del bel libro Ascona, Switzerland Department Bookbinding and Design

Date: 27 Jun 2001
From: Renate Mesmer <r.mesmer@ticino.com>
Subject: Courses on bookbinding and design

Summer courses at the Centro del bel libro Ascona, Switzerland Department
Bookbinding and Design

Course 17
Fine wooden board bindings

The making of uncovered wooden boards require not only careful
construction, but also specific professional techniques. The first part of
the course will concentrate on the material "wood" as well as on the
subject of  "the ecological system of the forest and its trees" with a
brief slide show. Following that, the pieces for the wooden board bindings
will be cut, sanded, polished or primed and varnished under the supervision
of a professional violin maker. In the second part of the course the
uncovered boards will be attached to the books in various innovative
methods and techniques without diminishing the books' functions.

Tutor: Pablo Rosales / Edwin Heim
August 6-10, 2001
Fee: CHF 950
  Language: German / English
Participants: Bookbinders, interested people with previous experience

Course 20
Japanese folding techniques--boxes in different variations

This course teaches the ancient technique of the Japanese art of folding
paper. Based on traditional methods, new modern objects will be created
without adhesive. Boxes and cases will be made in many different forms and
variations, starting with simple squares, through six- and eight sided
boxes up to a rhomboidal shaped box with cover. A manual gives further
information and instructions to assemble these models according to
international standards.

Tutor: Marcus Janssens
August 20-23, 2001
Fee:  Fr. 760 Language: German / English

Course 24 Enamel as an element in bookbinding

The origins of enamel are as ancient as the Egyptian culture. The charm of
this art is still evident in today's culture due to the intensity of the
colours and the glow created by this medium. The aim of the course is to
study the art of enamelling both in theory and in practice. It begins with
the design concept, through the process of fusion to the fascinating
cooling procedure with the different oscillating frequencies of each
colour. The enamelled objects can then be integrated in the bindings which
are prepared during the course or brought by the participants. Naturally,
these pieces can also be used as jewellery items.

Tutor: Isabel Beyermann
September 18-21, 2001
Fee: CHF 760
Language: German and Italian

More information:

Centro del bel libro Ascona
Via Collegio
CH-6612 Ascona
+41 091 791 7234
Fax: +41 091 791 7254

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