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Re: Quoted Printable

Yes, Peter's right - you get those "=20" things and others if you send a
message using quoted-printable encoding. The reason why quoted-principle
encoding exists is a bit complicated to go into here but, basically, it's an
old internet/unix encoding method that seeks to ensure all text sent is
received and interpreted correctly regardless of the operating system and
mail software the receiver is using.

The encoding algorithm converts some characters into an "=" sign followed by
a number that represents the character and, in theory at least, the
receiving software converts it back to the original character.

Quoted-printable is best avoided if you're sending plain text emails. In MS
Outlook go to "Tools" then "Options" and click the "Send" tab. In the "Mail
Sending Format" section choose "Plain Text" and click the "Plain Text
Settings" button. Choose "Mime" and select "None" for the "Encode Text
Using" option. Then click the "OK" buttons to get out.


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