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Conservation project

I am sending this out for someone not on the list - please respond to her
directly. Thank you

>From Elaine Schapker: The foundation where I work --
the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation -- is going to
celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.  I have begun looking at the early
records in preparation for writing a short history for the occasion.  What I
found was that the very earliest records are being poorly stored and even
though they are in archival books, they are fraying at the edges.  The real
problem is one for an archivist and I don't know whether or not you do that
too.  The files need to be sorted, cleaned out and in some cases stored
properly.  We need advice on the best practices of keeping records.  My
predecessors (I've only been here about a year and a half) did not always
maintain very high standards and the files need help.  From a time point of
view the archival piece will be the bigger effort.  We have plenty of space
to do it right and the resources are here.  What we need is the expertise.
The job would be 20% conservation and 80% archiving.

There is a follow-on piece as well.  The president of the foundation was
once the chair of the Board of Trustees of the Museum of the America Indian
during the period that they were moving to the Custom House in NY and
negotiating the affiliation with the Smithsonian that created the National
Museum of the American Indian.  She has about 35 file boxes that have never
been archived properly.  That would be a job in itself but it doesn't have
the same urgency as the other part.

 Please contact Elaine Schapker directly at (212) 534-6620  or at
eschapker@cajef.org. at the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation.

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