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Re: suggested summer reading

>A must for all people who love books and bookmaking (and I'm only a third
>into it) Salamander by Thomas Wharton (McClelland & Stewart) - London
>printer Nicholas Flood is challenged to produce an infinte book.

Could you tell us more about this book?  I have tried Amazon with no
positive results, and Amazaon UK says the book will not be published until
October.  I assume this is a Canadian publication, but how to order it I do
not know.

Bill Godshalk
*    W. L. Godshalk                                                          *
*    Professor, Department of English              *
*    University of Cincinnati                                             *
*    Cincinnati OH 45221-0069                   *   Stellar Disorder
*    godshawl@email.uc.edu                                *

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