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free, young help for you in Richmond, VA

Hello all,

I have just moved back to Richmond, Virginia since graduating from Brown
University. While living in Bologna, Italy in 99-00, I worked for book
artist Angela Lorenz and I am now looking for anyone in the book arts
(binding, repair, anything) who might be interested in having an occasional
apprentice here in the Richmond area. I do not have a lot of extra time, as
I work forty hours a week (for minimum wage at my grandmother's independent
bookstore - clearly, I am quite dedicated to the sacred union of book and
human), but I am a quick learner and a hard worker. Unpaid is fine, although
if you want to give me a meal every once in a while, it would be much

Also, does anyone know of book arts venues or resources in this area? I know
Charlottesville has the glorious Rare Book School - anything else? I am
particularly interested in finding a linotyper (or letterpress facilities
with good hand-set font selection) within a 150 mile radius from here.

thanks very much,

Kate Erb
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