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Flax sewing cord

I'm posting the following on behalf of Nancy Morains, proprietor of
Colophon Book Arts Supply:

Colophon Book Arts Supply now has CxD Linen Cord, which comes in 6, 8,
10 and 12 ply.  This is a beautiful long fibered all-flax cord, intended
for use as sewing supports, developed by British conservators and
manufactured in the UK.  It has taken awhile, but we are very excited to
find a cord of such an excellent quality, as was the original Clarkson
Cord. For more info, contact: Colophon@earthlink.com or 1-360-459-2940.

Maria Fredericks
Head, Conservation Lab
Columbia University Libraries
109 Butler
535 West 114th St.
New York, NY 10027
212-854-3290 fax

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