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Visiting Odyssey


    There is still space in many classes - both full week and
half-week. I can email you costs and the list of available classes
or contact the director at Letter2001@aol.com


2001: A Calligraphic Odyssey will take place July 28th through
August 4, 2001. at Stonehill College, Easton, Mass. (near Boston)
You don't have to be registered to be a part of this experience.
For a map/directions: www.masscribes/odyssey.

EXHIBITS Dining Commons (#8 on Map)
Exhibits are open 11am-11pm Saturday through Thursday.
"Faculty Exhibit" Work by Odyssey Faculty
"Image Meets Word: A Collaboration of Photography and Lettering"
Presents interpretive pieces that connect lettering with photography.
See lecture on Monday night.
Work of Howard Glasser"
"Work of Nancy Culmone" (See Sunday Lecture)
"Participants Exhibit"

Martin Insititute (#17 on Map)

John Neal, Bookseller:
     Books, t-shirts, cards, posters, calendars for calligraphers & binders.
11am-11pm Saturday, July 28 - Thursday, August 2. Friday, Aug 3: 11am-8pm
If you arrive on campus early, we will be set up by Friday evening, July 27,
erhaps earlier. www.JohnNealBooks.com

    Letter Arts Review: Newly published Wedding Issue (& possibly
the Enigma Issue) as well as many back issues on display and
for sale.

Scribes Store: Calligraphic pieces, cards, gifts by Odyssey participants
       11am-11pm Saturday, July 28 - Thursday, August 2. Closed on Friday.
Supply Store
(Web site info is wrong. ALL three Stores are at the Martin Institute.)

    Martin Institute ((#17 on map)  9:15pm -10:00pm
Wednesday, August 1. 9:15pm -10:00pm. Martin Institute
(outside the stores). Odyssey Faculty will inscribe books they
have written or have work in. Bring copies from home or purchase
at the John Neal, Bookseller. Refreshments served!
(Web site info is wrong, location is Martin Institute.)

EVENING LECTURES Suggested Donation is $5.00 each
7:30pm Dining Commons (# 8 on map)

Sunday July 29th Keynote address by NANCY CULMONE
"Through the unknown, remembered gate..." A Fascination
with Creative Process Creating is an inherent part of our
humanness. Both the process and its forms are unique to
each individual. A creative odyssey includes mentoring and
moving beyond mentors in your own work. This presentation
offers insights into the varied nature of this journey through the
voices and works of artists and "outsider artists" from several
disciplines: printmaking, book arts, calligraphy, metalsmithing
and mixed media. As Plotinus, the Greek philosopher, puts it:
"Remember that there are parts of what it most concerns you to
know which I cannot describe to you; you must come with me
and see for yourselves."

Monday, July 30
Image Meets Word: A Collaboration of Photography and Lettering
    At past conferences selected calligraphers have been invited
to interpret poems calligraphically. These artworks have then been
displayed in an exhibit, and an evening panel discussion by the
artists of the creative process has ensued. This year we are sailing
a similar but different course.
     Award winning, Boston-based photographer Shellburne Thurber
will talk about her work and participate in a panel discussion with
ive calligraphers chosen to interpret her evocative photography. An
exhibit of the photograph and the five calligraphic interpretations will
be on exhibit during the conference.

Thursday, August 2
"Springlines: New Calligraphy East and West"
EWAN CLAYTON speaks about the work he has done over the
past year researching the state of calligraphy in Japan, China
and the Arab world; five western calligraphers are also included
in this presentation. This lecture and social are sponsored by
The Association for the Calligraphic Arts. Copies of "Springlines"
will be available for sale at John Neal, Bookseller during the week.

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