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Best Prices on DAHLE and ROTATRIM Cutters

Dear Friends:

This email would interest you if you are in the market for a board guillotine
cutter or rotary paper cutter.

I offer the lowest prices in the US/Canada for DAHLE & ROTATRIM Cutters --
Board Shear Guillotines; Rotary Paper Cutters; and Scissors.

On certain closeout items I can even offer below actual dealer pricing: DAHLE
30" board guillotine cutters at only $385;  36" version at $487;  paper
Shears (scissors) at $10.

Please contact me directly by email or call me at 1-866-728-4266 any day of
the week to discuss your cutting needs.  When you contact me, I will be happy
to refer you to my clients' commentary and feedback, on the web, illustrating
their positive experience in dealing with me.

Best regards,

Pedram Fanian

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