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Re: pastry flour

You can also make bookcloth with just about 100% success using a fusible
product from fabric stores called Stitch Witchery. I never use paste now
because Stitch Witchery takes about 5 minutes from start to finish. My
understanding (although I don't know for sure) is that it is archival, and
I've used it on very fine silks that I could never have gotten paste to work
with. You just cut the Stitch Witchery slightly smaller than your fabric and
the paper you're backing with, and make a sandwich of the 3--- with the
Stitch Witchery in the middle. Then you very s l o w l y iron, gliding the
iron very gently but making sure that each area of fabric gets 10 seconds or
so of iron. You can go back over any areas that didn't quite fuse the first
time. You can iron either from the fabric side or the paper side. When
working on fine silks I've had to fuse lightly first, then go back over it
all so that the fusing material doesn't come through the fabric.

Some folks who tend to want to do things in a historically accurate manner
wouldn't like this process, but I'm willing to bet that craftspeople 300
years ago would have used the fastest and easiest methods that provided the
right results.

Good luck---
LeeAnne Mallonee
"words are small shapes in the gorgeous chaos of the world..."

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