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RBS summer lectures

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Rare Book School's summer session begins tomorrow (15 July 2001), and all
are cordially invited to attend the following evening public lectures, free
and open to the public. All lectures begin at 6 pm, and all of them will be
followed by a reception in the first-floor Alderman Library staff lounge:
Monday 16 July. Marie Korey, Librarian, Massey College. "From Bibliography
to Book History: The Massey College Press and Other Special Collections of
the Robertson Davies Library, Massey College, University of Toronto." The

Monday 23 July. Greer Allen: "The Vitality of Fritz Kredel's Book
lllustrations." 201 Clemons Library.

Wednesday 25 July. Nicolas Barker. "The Origins of the Second-hand Book
Trade: The Market for Antiquarian Books in England between the Middle Ages
and 1726." The Rotunda. The 2001 Sol. M. and Mary Ann O'Brian Malkin Lecture.

Monday 30 July. Michael Winship (Professor of English, University of Texas
at Austin). "Hawthorne and the Scribbling Women: Publishing The Scarlet
Letter in the 19th-century United States." The Rotunda.

         Monday 6 August. William Noel, Curator of Manuscripts and Rare
Books, The Walters Art Museum. "Eureka? The Archimedes Palimpsest." 201
Clemons Library.
Information about these lectures is also posted on our Web site at


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