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inexpensive binding for photo book

I am a photographer and writer.  I have completed a six year project to photograph and write oral histories about Baja California ranchers known as "The Californios".  I have exhibited my work widely in Mexico and San Diego and now would like to reach a wider audience.   I would like suggestions for straight forward binding methods for my book.

I would to make a hand made made book or, at least, a hand assambled book with 50 to 75 copies.  Retail price will be about $350.  I don't think there is a wide enough market to justify a trade book.  My market includes libraries and museums with special collections, and people interested in Baja.  Some  book art collectors may also be interested, however,  I think most people will buy the book for its content, rather than as an art object.

There are 35 b&w photos and 35 pages with detailed captions.  The images and text are printed on Archival Matte Paper an Epson pigment printer.  Page size is 8.5 x 8.5 inches.  Because Epson will only print on one side of a page,  the 70 pages must be glued back to back or glued to a background page.

I have explored hand made post binding with hinges with Allwyn O'Mara and Frank Lehmann, but the labor for me to do this seems excessive for a book that will sell for about $350.  Now I am experimenting with Kolo photo albums.  Have also tried Kinko style spiral binding.  Practical, but looks cheap.

I would appreciate ideas.

Thanks, Leland Foerster

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