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call for Cuban donations

Cuban Libraries and Archives could use your help.  Current books and
journals are in short supply as is copy paper, pens and materials for
repairing books.  You can help.

There is a licensed shipment of materials for Cuban cultural institutions
that will leave the United States in late August.  The cost of the shipment
to Cuba has already been obtained.  What is needed is to fill the container.
Materials most needed are storage boxes and folders, book cloth, book board,
PVA, methyl cellulose, acid free paper for end sheets, and Japanese paper
for paper repair, small tools such a bone folders, cutting knifes, glue
brushes, scissors, self healing mats. (Larger equipment can be considered.)

Books and journals about librarianship, information services, archives,
preservation, information management, library and information science and
other resources that could be of help in the preparation of librarians and
archivists would be especially appreciated and will go directly to the
University of Havana the only advanced degree program for librarians in

Books and publications edited by ALA, SLA, ASIS, ARM, AMA and other
specialized associations would also be a very good contribution.

Current materials (published within the past 4 years) on technology science,
or medicine would also be put to good use.
All of the above publications can be in English.

Children's books, young adult, or adult fiction in Spanish will go to public
libraries throughout Cuba to supplement their dated and worn materials.

To participate please send via e-mail or fax an inventory of titles or
supplies you wish to contribute.  You will be expected to pay shipping to
send the materials to the central warehouse in Baltimore.  Upon receipt of
your list of donations you will be sent the address for shipping.  The
donations must be received in Baltimore by August 24, 2001.

For more information please contact Jeanne Drewes at drewes@msu.edu , fax
517 432 1010 or voice 517 432 7486

Jeanne Drewes
Assistant Director for Access & Preservation
Michigan State University Libraries
100 Library Room W-108A
East Lansing, MI 48824-1048

517 432 7486  FAX 517 432 1010

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