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Coptic Binding

To bind a soft cover or signatures begin with the first signature at =
sewing station one (SS1) and leave a tail on the outside. In the middle =
of the signature take a long thread down to the last sewing station and =

Pick up and add signature two. Go into the last sewing station of =
signature two, then up to the secondlast and out.=20
Go into the second last sewing station of signature one, around the long =
thread, and out again.
Go into the second last sewing station of signature two, then up to the =
third last sewing station.
 Repeat the procedure of going through signatures two then one , around =
the long thread, then back through one then two.=20

Keep proceeding up the spine like this until you reach SS1. Tie off and =
continue the chain stitch as for a coptic sewing. The last signature is =
just the normal chain, the only new stitch is the first two signatures.

It is sometimes easier if, in sewing the first two signatures you open =
them both out and go through the sewing stations all at once.

To have a soft cover, make covers with a turn-in at the spine. Wrap this =
around the first and last signatures and proceed to sew as above, as if =
the cover is part of the signature.

Hope this makes sense. If not I'm happy to try to elaborate.=20
Judy Barrass

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