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Re: Info about paper needed

<< I am interested in the batik paper technique you mentioned. Would you be
able to elaborate on the method? What type of dyes do you use?

I use Rit dye from the grocery store. I know, I can hear the groans from
fibers people. I was taught Batik by a woman who used batik as a painting
method--she did painntings rather than making clothing fabric. She has
paintings in collections all over the world and always used Rit and has had
no complaints about fading in 25 years.  Neither her painings not my book
covers are going through the washing machine and a person is foolish if they
keep a paining or a book in constant bright sunlight. I like Rit and continue
to use it. I have tried Procion dyes but the appear harsh and "acid" in color
to me.

<<Do you use paraffin or beeswax or other types of wax? >>

I use paraffin. Again my original teacher thought the beeswax added a color
to the final product and she was VERY particular about color. Paraffin is
cheaper, easier to find and works wonderfully. In traditional Batik the
parafin wax is used when you want a crackle effect as it will break up more
easily if you crush the fabric than the beeswax will. But I trie to
manipulate the paper very little--it would just tear around the wax if I
tried to crush and crackle the paper.

I would be glad to send anyone who wants it my class hand out about resist
work on paper. It's just text--no illustrations but it is about 5 typed pages
long. If you would like a copy just send me your e-mail address and I will
send it back to you by e-mail.

I would also be interested in comments on the hand out and others experience
with resist techniques on paper.

Patty Grass

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