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Re: DC

At 05:35 AM 7/17/2001, you wrote:
>on 7/18/01 4:47 AM, leil lucy alexander at leillucy@YAHOO.COM wrote:
> > Hello...
> >
> > I'm going to be in DC for the first time Aug 1-4.
> > Although I am coming to sit on a grant panel, I am
> > hoping to have some time to spend looking at book arts
> > related things (and the Smithsonian!).

Leil, check out the Washington Calligraphers Guild -
Their 25th anniversary exhibition opens this coming weekend at Strathmore
Hall, a lovely mansion-turned-arts-center on Rockville Pike in Rockville,
MD. While the work will not necessarily be books, I'm sure some of it will,
and I know it will be spectacular. Among other things, they will be
exhibiting the winners of the US Postal Service's Graceful Envelope
contest. Enjoy your trip, and say hi to my old stomping grounds.

Anne T. Lane, Collections Manager
York County Culture & Heritage Commission
4621 Mount Gallant Road
Rock Hill SC 29732-8666
803-329-2121, ext. 104
Fax 803-329-5249

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