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Book Art @ SHARP

In case anyone will be at the SHARP conference (Tomorrow thru Sunday), There is
a big book art group this year inclusing  Gary Frost, Betty Bright, Kathy Walkup
and more.  Here are some highlights:

Futurist Visions of the Book
Chair: Gary Frost (University of Iowa)
Suzanne Ebel (Napier University), “The Shape of Books to Come”
Martha Carothers (University of Delaware), “The Common Man’s Book of the Future”

Barbara A. Brannon (University of South Carolina), “The Laser Printer as an
Agent of Change”
Stephan Füssel (University of Mainz), “The Last Book: How the Digital Paper
Changes Man’s Communication”

New Uses for Old Technology
Chair: Michele Cloonan (University of California at Los Angeles)
Brigitte Ouvry-Vial (Université Paris 7), “Visible Loyalties: A Tribute to 15th
Century Printers by a Small 20th Century Publisher”
Willa Silverman (Penn State University), “Octave Uzanne, Bibliophile
Extraordinaire in Fin-de-Siecle France”
Richard Zauft (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), “Puns, Slogans, and
Neologisms: A 21st Century Printer’s Utilization of 19th Century Wood Type in
Letterpress Printing”

The Art of the Book: Preservation and Invention in the Twentieth Century
Chair: Pat Donlon (Dublin Institute of Technology)
Margaret Harp (University of Nevada-Las Vegas), “The French Livres d’artiste:
Twentieth-Century Illustrations for Seventeenth-Century Masterpieces”
Betty Bright (Edina, Minnesota), “Philadelphia, 1964: A Premonition of
Transgressive Readings”
Richard Minsky (Center for Book Arts, New York City), “The Book Art Movement 25
Years Later”
Kathleen A. Walkup (Mills College), “Private Art, Public Spaces: Books Move into
the Gallery”

The complete overwhelming schedule is at:


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