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book arts talks in Vancouver

Hello all:
There will be book arts talks happening at Vancouver's Emily Carr =
Institute of Art and Design at Granville Island.  The following schedule =
is from a newspaper insert.

Thurday, July 19  7-9pm
my schedule says TBA opening presentation.  The Artist's Book offers an =
incredibly rich and diverse medium to the artist.  The book can be a =
hand-illuminated manuscript or computer-generated, it can be of =
hand-made paper or found objects.  This opening presentation will =
discuss on of the many facets of the Artist's Book
No Fee
Room 340, South Building

Friday, July 20  7-9pm
Celia King
The book as a visual medium is a combination of concept, subject, visual =
content, and literature in both two- and - three dimensional form;  it =
proclaims a vast potential to broaden artistic expression.  Celia uses =
the book form as an expressive component for the content to create an =
effective medium for the subject that is unique to itself.  Her method =
is to consider the book as the primary medium, the gesso on the canvas, =
and the traditions of the book from historical to contemporary practice =
(such as the e-book), as the palette.
Rm 260, North Building

Sunday, July 22  7-9pm
Ann Vincente
"What Do You Do With All Those Books?"
In presenting her own work and her emerging career as a book artist, Ann =
will discuss the process of becoming a book artist, your work, and =
pricing it appropriately.  Discussion will include making contacts, =
networking, making the most of conferences and workshops, finding the =
venues, and finding your buyers.
Room 260, North Building

"The Art of the Book" exhibition is on at Emily Carr Institute of Art =
and Design June 16- July 23, 2001 10am-6pm daily in the Media Gallery =
North Building.

For information call 604-844-3852

Andrea Taylor
Vancouver, CANADA

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