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100 Universes: An International Accordion Book of Prints

100 Universes: An International Accordion Book of Prints

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in
having new eyes, in seeing the universe with the eyes of another, of a
hundred others, in seeing the hundred universes that each of them see. -

Contemporary Crafts invites all printmakers world wide to participate in
the assembly of the world's largest accordian book of fine prints - 100

100 Universes will be exhibited at the Contemporary Crafts Gallery during
the international print symposium, CROSSING BOUNDARIES: EAST-WEST in
Portland, Oregon October 10-13, 2001. (For more information about Crossing
Boundaries see: <http://www.art.pdx.edu/printsymposium>.

The exhibition at CCG will run through November 11, 2001. Following this
exhibit, 100 Universes will be available for world tour. Its unique format
is strong and light, making for inexpensive shipping and ease of handling.
A second copy of the book will be archived and become part of CCG's
permanent collection, available for short term loan to qualified institutions.

To participate, send 2 copies of your print to CCG by Spetember 7, 2001.
Along with your print, include a bio and artist's statement. Also, be sure
that you let us know how to contact you be email, mail, phone, and/or fax
so that we can inform you of your prints' safe arrival. CCG is not
responsible for any losses or damages incurred during shipping. No prints
will be returned, ALL prints will be included in 100 Universes.

Prints must measure 30x30 cm. All prints will be folded in two, vertically.
Paper grain must run vertically, please. All prints will be permanantly
bound. Don't forget to send two prints, as two copies will be made - one
for touring exhibitions, and one as archival record. Diagrams illustrating
these requirements can be found at


About the sponsors:
Contemporary Crafts Gallery was founded in 1937. It is the oldest
continuously operating non-profit for fine crafts in the USA.

100 Universes will be assembled by internationally known book artist
Barbara Tetenbaum and her senior students at the Oregon College of Arts and

This project is supported by the Crossing Boundaries: East-West Symposium
in Print Art, the Regional Arts & Culture Council, the Oregon Arts
Commission, The Collins Foundation, and the Meyer Memorial Trust.

Contemporary Crafts Gallery
3934 SW Corbett Avenue
Portland, OR 97201
email: ccg3934@aol.com

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