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batik paper

Patricia Grass wrote:

> Temperature of the wax can also be a factor in wax penetration of the paper.=
> =20
> Some papers respond better is you use a hotter wax. You must be careful not=20
> to get the wax so hot that it catches on fire, something that can easily=20
> happen.

Thank you for sharing this with everyone, Patricia. I've
never tried batik on fabric, but now I may be tempted to try
it on paper.

Could you clarify about the temperatures? On my computer, it
looks like "Temperatures between 200=C2=B0F and 300=C2=B0F.
  I find that at 225=> =C2=B0F the wax=20 usually penetrates most
"thermometer both of which can attach to the side of the pot. You need
 that has a temperature range up to at least 350=C2=B0F."

Would this last be 350 degrees F.?

> I use Rit dye--the powdered kind, not the liquid, that you can buy in almost=
> =20

As one of the "fiber people", I don't think it matters if you
use Rit for paper. I use Procion or acid dyes for fabric, but they
have to stand up to repeated washings.

Susan Fatemi

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