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Re: Jacobs Ladder

Judy and All,

I went thru the same thing (what did I miss in my childhood??!!)when I first
heard mention of Jacob's Ladder and after researching, (and in addition to
biblical references) I found the resources listed below.

Online instructions for Jacob's Ladder can be found at the following URL
http://www.communityzero.com  Look under "file sharing."

Also, in addition to Gabrielle Fox's " The Essential Guide to Making Handmade
Books" (paperback $23.99), directions can also be found in  "Creating
Handmade Books" by Alisa Golden (paperback $17.95).

This is a wonderful book construction. The pages flip and recombine in a
different order.

Hope this helps,

"I always try to believe 6 impossible things before breakfast"
The White Queen- Alice in Wonderland
Sandy Nault

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