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Re: Book presses

We currently make three standard sizes of presses, as well as custom
sizes.  Our small standard press is about 10 x 14 (outside measurement)
with over 6 of daylight and a usable area of 10" x 11". The medium
press measures 12 x 16 (outside measurement) with 8 of daylight and a
usable space of 12 x 13. The large standard press is 14 x 20 (outside
measurement) with 10" of daylight and a usable space of 14" x 16".

The presses are made from hard maple, with press plates of 13 ply
Finland birch plywood.  The large press has an 8-inch aluminum hand
wheel (7 on the smaller presses)  on top of the press to raise and
lower the plate via a 3/4 thick screw rod (5/8 for the smaller
presses).  The head plate (which takes the strain when you screw the
press down) is 1 3/4  thick hard maple. It is held in place by  5/8
threaded rod sheathed in EMT tubing (1/2 for the smaller press). Each
press is finished and waxed by hand to a satin smoothness.  Presses ship
with a pair of masonite press boards and a rubber mat.

The large press is $455.  The medium press is $305. The small press is
$225. These prices do not include shipping.  Packing and shipping  (UPS
ground) runs about $35 for the small press depending on the shipped-to
zone - it weighs about 25 pounds as shipped.   Shipping for the large
press is about $65. (Call for exact shipping charges.)

 A fourth size, 16 x 24 is considered to be standard but is not
currently a stocked item and must be ordered as custom. It has 16 x 20
of usable plate area, 12 of daylight , and weighs about 65 pounds
before packaging. This press sells for $605 plus shipping and handling.

Back ordered and custom ordered presses will be begun when ordered and
shipped when completed and paid in full. Allow two - three weeks for
completion and another week for shipping (UPS).

Introducing the new "ready to finish and assemble" book press kit. These
presses feature the same quality materials as the fully finished and
ready to use presses. They come with easy to follow instructions with
diagrams and some finishing suggestions. All fabricated parts and gluing
are completed. Assembly requires only simple common tools.

Pricing for the kits is as follows. Small - $150, Medium - $205, Large -
$305, Extra Large - $405. (Plus shipping and handling.)

We are always happy to talk about our presses, so if you have questions,
please contact us at (817-923-9433) 0r by e-mail at serifm@airmail.net
or by snail to Jackson Studio at 3124 Sandage Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas

Sally Jackson
Lennard Lipsky
Jackson Studio
3124 Sandage Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76109
(817) 923-9433

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