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Sharf-Fix For Sale


I thought some of you might be interested to know that a friend of mine just
put a leather paring Sharf-Fix machine up for sale on EBay.

The description and link are as follows:

This is a Sharf-Fix leather paring tool or skiving maching for bookbinding.
Insert a double-edged razor blade and slide the leather through to thin it
covering a book. This hand-operated machine is easily adjusted, and provides
for excellent results for flat or tapered skiving. Easily mounted to any
table or
work bench with a c-clamp type screw. The Scharf-fix 2000 sells new for
$325.00. This is an older model that still works perfectly. High bidder pays
shipping costs. Email me with any questions before the auction ends. I
accept PayPal. Good luck!


Just go to the above link to look at photographs of the Sharf-Fix and to


Nicole Andersen  B O O K  A R T S
      fine hand bound albums and portfolios

555 O'Neill Avenue, No. 1
Belmont, California 94002
phone and fax: 650 596 0775

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