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Re: buy books from vending machines

Just cut and paste the complete URL into your browser. Should end in .phtml

or, the full text below:

>Buy books from vending machines
>TORONTO - You can buy soft drinks and sandwiches from vending machines. So
>why not books?
>PerfectBook is a vending machine that prints books while you wait.
>A laser printer copies the pages, which are then bound, glued and trimmed.
>In a few minutes, you have a book that appears identical to one found in a
>retail store.
>The inventor of the system says PerfectBook will save publishers printing
>and shipping costs.
>Some book publishers believe PerfectBook's quick binding process creates
>inferior products with a short shelf life.
>Scott Anderson is the editor of Quill and Quire, a magazine that tracks
>the publishing industry. He thinks the new technology could fill a
>valuable niche market.
>"I think it could be helpful for especially commuters, you know, in subway
>stations or airports, train stations, bus stations, that kind of thing. It
>would be easy to just pop in your credit card and wait a few minutes and
>have your book," Anderson says.
>PerfectBook's inventor, Jeff Marsh, says he's already received hundreds of
>inquiries about the machine.


>Dear L. Gould,
>I'm intrigued by the subject of the article; but I cannot access it.  Can
>you reveal it to us in some other way?
>Thanks in advance,

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