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Re: fish glue

I guess my first question is what is the purpose of the gesso?

Most recipes for gesso using seccotine glue are for raised gilding based on
the Grailey Hewitt recipe. If this is the one you want, then Kremer's
Pigments carries a liquid fish glue that is of extremely high quality. If you
are interested in a gesso that is for working on wood as in panel painting,
then using a gelatine based fish glue is fine. Isinglass is the stuff you
want- it's the glue made from the air bladder of large fish like sturgeon and
cod. It is not as hygroscopic as the seccotine, but is very durable. Jack is
right when he says that packaged food grade gelatine is fine for that. It
also is less flexible that the isinglass and less hygroscopic.
If I knew the specific purpose of the gesso, I could give a more detailed

Karen Gorst
Pres. Society of Scribes of NY
Manuscript Illuminator/ Scribe

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