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papermaking items on eBay

Hello to the list! Please forgive me if you read this notice on more than one

I have finally finished unpacking two decades of accumulated book arts
goodies into my new house, and have decided to sell 25 items on eBay that
relate to handmade paper, papermaking, paper conservation etc. These are
items that I collected either when I worked for the paper importer
Andrews/Nelson/Whitehead, or during the twelve years I owned and operated The
Bookbinder's Warehouse.

If you are interested in taking a look, you can copy and paste the following
'address' to go to eBay to see just one of the items; then, you can click on
"view seller's other auctions' to see the whole list:

There is something there for every paper interest: journals from the AIC Book
and Paper Group for those involved in conservation; handmade paper samples
and printed  ephemera; a Fabriano watermark; genuine papyrus; a 30-year old
Japanese miniature Papermaking kit; a book on marbling; and MUCH more.

If you have any questions, just holler!
Karen L. Crisalli

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