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decorated pages and sharf-fix question

Came across this page while doing a little browsing on ebay this morning. I
doubt many on the list have a spare $5000 sitting in a slush fund to
purchase a book like this, so I hope I'm not exposing a hot deal that
someone was hoping to swoop in and get at a bargain.

The pictures are very fun to peruse - one decorated initial in particular is
a real beauty.



The almost non-existent bit of leather work I do doesn't warrant investing
in a Sharf-fix, but in looking at a picture, it seems as if a person could
rig up something that might work in a pinch. Anyone have
experience/tips/etc. on making a crude leather paring device by hand, or is
this one of those tools that looks deceptively simple but really isn't?

Best wishes,

Pendleton, Oregon

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