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Re: decorated pages and sharf-fix question

Roberta asked:

> Second...
> The almost non-existent bit of leather work I do
> doesn't warrant investing
> in a Sharf-fix, but in looking at a picture, it
> seems as if a person could
> rig up something that might work in a pinch. Anyone
> have
> experience/tips/etc. on making a crude leather
> paring device by hand, or is
> this one of those tools that looks deceptively
> simple but really isn't?
> Best wishes,
> Roberta

I believe James Brockman built one of his own -- it
looked a little cruder than the Sharf-fix, but worked
on the same principle of a fixed razor blade with a
roller. I have had a Sharf-fix for nearly 20 years or
so, and I find that it is most useful for volume work.
I use the good old paring knife for almost all one-off
work, and the small extra efort is worth the result.
Hand binding is, well, hand binding.

An alternative for people who  want to skip the
leather paring step is to use a service that pares the
whole skin for you -- it's not expensive, and it's
accurate. Leather can be machine pared this way down
to a very thin thickness, which requires no additional
paring for turn-ins. The most you might want to do is
a little thinning for headcaps, and you'd do that even
with the Sharf-fix.

Don Pollock

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