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SHARP conference report

I'm back from the SHARP conference in WIlliamsburgt, VA, and it was great! [In case you
forgot, it's the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing, and has
about 1,200 members on every continent except Antarctica].

Gary Frost moderated an interesting session on the fututre of the book that included a
report on digital ink books. Did you know that Gary has a new website?

The session I was in included a paper on book art in 1960's Philadelphia by Betty Bright
(former director of MCBA, her recent PhD thesis was on the Book Arts in the 60's & 70's).
I spoke about the book arts movement from the 70's to today and the history of book art
organizations in the USA, and artist Kathy Walkup (Mills Coillege) gave a great
presentation on ways to display book art in the gallery environment so that they were not
in cases.

That is very important to us, since we have moved the act of publishing from a
distribution model to an exhibition model.

In case you are in a region that has an NPR station that airs The Book Guys (they are on
40 NPR stations nationwide) they did an interview with me and some other folks at the
SHARP conference  that will air sometime after this Thursday (check your local listings
for time and day).


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