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Bernard Rosenthal - conference

Institut d'histoire du livre (Lyon)

T H E  R A R E  B O O K  T R A D E =20
I N  E U R O P E  A N D  T H E  U N I T E D
S T A T E S  I N  T H E 1 9 th A N D  2 0 th

Public conference by Bernard M. Rosenthal

Lyon, =C9cole normale sup=E9rieure - Lettres et sciences humaines
Tuesday 25th September 2001
18h30  =20

The Institut d'histoire du livre (Lyon) is pleased to announce that, as =
part of its Book History Workshop, the eminent american bookseller =
Bernard Rosenthal will give a public conference on "The rare book trade =
in Europe and the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries".

Born in Munich in 1920 of a family of scholars, collectors and =
publishers, Bernard M. Rosenthal is one of the leading international =
specialist booksellers in the field pre-1600 rare books and manuscripts. =
In 1960 he began to put together a collection of 15th and 16th-century =
books which was acquired by the Yale University Beinecke Library =
(Connecticut) in 1995. The items in the collection are of particular =
interest as the numerous manuscript marginal notes which they contain =
provide a unique insight into the reading practices and working methods =
of their successive owners.

More about Bernard M. Rosenthal at =
http://ihl.enssib.fr/3_ecole/rosenthal_fr.htm (in French).
More about the Bernard M. Rosenthal Collection of printed books with =
manuscript annotations at =
http://www.library.yale.edu/beinecke/blrosen.htm (in English).



There are still seveal places available on the Institut d'histoire du =
livre's Book History Workshop which will run from 24th to 27th September =

The Book History Workshop offers three advanced courses aimed the many =
specialists who encounter questions related to book and printing history =
in the course of their work: researchers, teachers, archivists, =
librarians, antiquarian booksellers, designers, etc. The courses are =
taught in French or in English by leading international specialists and =
are approched from both theoretical and practical points of view through =
illustrated lectures, discussions and the study of original documents. =
The collections of Lyons city library and the Museum of printing provide =
an important source of original documents for study.=20

2001 session:=20

-- Printed ephemera (cours en anglais, anim=E9 par Michael Twyman),
-- Texte et image =E0 l'heure du num=E9rique (cours en fran=E7ais, =
anim=E9 par
Michel Melot),
-- Typographie et calligraphie 1450-1830 (cours en fran=E7ais, anim=E9 =
par James

In order to facilitate access to collections and "hands-on" study of =
original documents, classes are limited to 12 students. Applications =
will be taken on a first come first served basis within the limits of =
the number of available places.

For further information see =

Institut d'histoire du livre
c/o Mus=E9e de l'imprimerie
13 rue de la Poulaillerie
69002 Lyon

ihl@enssib.fr       http://ihl.enssib.fr

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