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Re: Spam

Just as someone can put in an alias, I assume that they can also simply write in someone else's name -though I don't see the motivation in that.

I have tried to restrain myself from commenting on this, as the problem has already been solved.  However, being flamed like that is somewhat akin to being insulted on the street by a total stranger and with that, I feel hurt and angry. I have thus far enjoyed the list, and being a newer member, found the subject info valuable.  Past experience has taught me to only belong to a couple of lists at a time so, I certainly didn't see duplicate postings anywhere but then, I am rationalizing for an irrational QQ.

As for pulling of the aliases, I don't agree. Many people want their identity to remain private.

Jean Haefner, MFA

Richard Minsky wrote:

I find it peculiar that Christine denies making the original posting, welcome as it is.
Perhaps it was Robert. But unless someone out there knows the true identity of QuillQueen,
I don't know why it is being called "she." Perhaps the comment about QQ being a regular
flamer might be true in its double entendre.

This list instructions state in red type "You must insert your actual name where it says
yourfirstname yourlastname." I find posts from those hiding behind aliases annoying,
particularly when they fail to reveal their identity within the text of the post.

Perhaps Peter could consider enforcing the "real name" rule and delete the alias crowd
entirely. Aside from Paul (and sometimes me), there are very few people out there with the
courage to post blatantly obnoxious rants when you know who they are.

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