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Re: Spam - real names...

I'd love to, but it would never be enforceable, and more trouble than it's
worth in the end. Who's to say it's really their name... What I find most
amusing are those that put in that "yourfirstname yourlastname" bit as
their name. Reality is that of about 1400 subscribers, 95%+ of use what I
believe to be their real names (personal or business). At the same time,
the large majority of subscribers are lurkers, so other than me, no one
knows they're their. While privacy can be a concern, I also feel that if
you're going to post, especially if you're going to offer advice, tips,
suggestions..., you should really sign your name to it, use a signature
file... Gives things a bit more credibility, and indicates a greater sense
of professionalism.


>Perhaps Peter could consider enforcing the "real name" rule and delete the
>alias crowd
>entirely. Aside from Paul (and sometimes me), there are very few people
>out there with the
>courage to post blatantly obnoxious rants when you know who they are.

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