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Re: album ideas

It is extremely easy to do what you are talking about.  Buy a ring binder in
the size you want to use and remove the ring part.  You will probably have to
use a drill to get the metal fasteners out of the spine.  Assemble the cover
and spine and cover them, then attach the ring part with new rivets.  (That
may not be the correct term for the metal piece - I'm having a senior moment


Sam Feehan wrote:

> I have a dilemma to resolve and I am wondering if someone might have input.
> I have been asked to make a album to house photos.  None of my present
> handmade album formats are suitable as the client wishes to use magnetic
> pages.  Being unsuccessful in changing her mind about the pages, I am
> now at a loss, as the obvious answer seems to be to follow her desire to
> use a three ring binder.  Never having taken one apart to attempt
> covering, I am wondering if that will work,   Or is there  a source for
> the three ring clamp for which I can design a cover. Or a binding
> altogether differnet that would work.

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