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Last Word from Colophon

This will be my last comment on the dust up with Quill Queen.  I would
very much like to straighten out my original, poorly phrased response
to her first posting.  What seemed to set her off was some Colophon
posting that she thought she had seen *yesterday* (Tuesday) on other
listservs she belongs to.  What I said was that I hadn't posted
*yesterday* (Tuesday) that I hadn't posted to any listserv for three
months.  My error was in not adding *other than two postings done
today* (Wednesday).  Those were to the Book_Arts-L and to the
Bibliophile group.

I have received a few private inquiries about my reply posting and its
phrasing and Richard Minsky's posting makes me realize it would be
best to clear up this issue.  I did create the two Wednesday postings;
I have not posted for three months prior to that.

Finally, thank you to our friends for their support, and thanks to
those who feel a dash of commerce in the world of book arts isn't a
bad thing.  What a witty group this is.  Let's hope the digital door
didn't hurt the Queen on her way out.

Best to all,

Colophon Book Shop, ABAA
P. O. Box 1052
Exeter, NH  03833
Shop: 72 Portsmouth Ave
Stratham Plaza
Stratham, NH 03885
(one hour north of Boston)

(603) 772-8443
(603) 772-3384 fax

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Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2001 10:19 AM
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> I find it peculiar that Christine denies making the original
posting, welcome as it is.
> Perhaps it was Robert.

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