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Re: good comment!!!!! - getting off (the list)

Haven't gotten any "memos" or seen any bounces, so don't know where you're
sending what. Full instructions for unsubscribing are in the Book_Arts-L
FAQ and Archive at <http://www.philobiblon.com>. That URL is also in the
header and footer of EVERY message to the list. The actual instructions for
unsubscribing are also in footer of EVERY message to the list. Can't make
it any easier than that. If they were snakes,...

For the record 90% of all failures to unsubscribe are a result of improper
syntax. You subscribed via a machine, and that's also how you unsubscribe.
Spelling has to be exact and the message needs to go the server address.
Nothing touchy feely, warm & fuzzy about it. This is the cold binary
reality. Black and white, right and wrong.


>How in the world does a person get off this list.  I have sent 4 memos to
>unsubscribe.  Still on.

            BOOK_ARTS-L: The listserv for all the book arts.
      For subscription information, the Archive, and other related
            resources and links go to the Book_Arts-L FAQ at:

                          To unsubscribe send:
                            UNSUB Book_Arts-L
                           ALL COMMANDS GO TO:

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