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embarrasingly simple question

I should know this, but I don't.

I make little soft-covered journals out of the pages and handmade papers that
are leftover from the "real" journals I make and sell. I use a thick piece of
HMP for the cover (usually one sheet torn in half to look "deckled" , glued
back-to-back)  I'm using a simple pamphlet stitch now but the little booklet
doesn't stay closed. There are 20 sheets of paper inside., sewn in the center
of course, and I make as sharp a fold as I can. I've resorted to adding a
ribbon tie closure, but that really limits the use and ultimate decoration of
the little book.

I don't want to make a big deal out of this, after all it is only an attempt
to use up all the "scraps", but there has to be a simple binding stitch that
would accomplish what I need. Or a secret to having the pamphlet-stitched
book stay closed. Any ideas?

In the spirit of "full disclosure" this e-mail was penned by the unqueenly:

Pat Sorbini
Simplesong Studio
Handcrafted paper, books and cards

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