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Re: embarrasingly simple question

You could also make a double signature by folding your cover paper in half,
then scoring on either side of this 1/2-1" according to your visual
asethetic. You then have two gutters in which to sew each signature.
Everything gets pamplet sewn the same as you have done, except that you are
sewing through both covers (front and back) and the centers of both
signatures. With a slight adjustment in your stitching pattern, you can begin
at the center front cover on the outside, emerging finally at the back cover
outside and either attach beads or other decorations to your thread or make
the tread long enough to tie the book shut from spine to foredge. This
requires a turn over the long stitch (where you would normally have a free
thread to tie to), exiting at the center back outside of the book to tie off.
Hope this is clearer than mud! Always difficult to write what is easier
shown. Barbara Harman

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