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Re: bookbinding in Washington

Just an FYI for DC travelers:

Some days ago someone asked about book arts related exhibits to visit in
Washington, DC. The Folger's Shakespeare Library's current exhibition is
"Designer Bookbinders in North America." Sponsored by Designer
Bookbinders, it contains some very interesting, unusual pieces.

And, if you call the Folger's ahead of time and talk sweetly to them (or
send a nice written note), they might take you on a tour of their rare
book collection including about 79 First Folios, hundreds of quarto
editions of Shakespeare and other writers, a page from a Gutenberg bible
and other extraordinary, mostly Renaissance, goodies.

For teachers on the list, they also sponsor a NEH summer institute for
those teaching Shakespeare: The next institute will be in 2002. Highly
recommended for learning about Shakespeare and rare books as primary
source material and as art.

Paul Clark

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