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heat embosser

I recently acquired another little Franklin heat embosser that I'd rather
see go to someone on the list who can use it instead of selling it on ebay.
$25 + $5 to ship, first come, first served. It is almost identical to the
one pictured at:


The handle is a slightly different shape, the box has been painted black and
has a couple dings in it and the parts have about the same surface rust as
the one shown in the picture. The only flaw I can see is the the insulation
on the cord where it comes out of the temperature setting case is frayed
(it's that old straw looking stuff). The cords look fine and it heats up
good and probably just needs a quick wrap with some electrical tape. The
type holder will accomodate a line of type up to 2 1/2" long and 1/2" tall.

Please note the no type or foil comes with this embosser. Zinc type is
ideal, although I have used regular lead type at medium heat setting with
good results. I only use type I don't plan to letterpress print with again,
and did mash some delicate lead type after about 10 impressions by having
the temp too high.

The main disadvantages of these little presses vs an expensive Kingsley are
1) the size limitations, and 2) the clamshell action (as opposed to straignt
up and down on a Kingsley or Goldsmith) means it's only good for paper,
leather, etc., not anything tall.

I use mine for blind and foil embossing short titles on handmade paper or
leather (like "Journal" on the front of blank journals, etc.)

Please contact me off-list at paper@oregontrail.net


Pendleton, Oregon

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