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Template material?

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I recently took a class with Carol Barton (a great class), in which she
gave us samples of a plastic that is great for making pattern templates.
It's white/translucent, about 1/16" thick, soft enough to cut with a
hobby knife, and comes in sheets.

Carol said her local plastic shop called it opaline. I tried some
research and concluded this might be methacrylate opaline, but I don't

I'd like to buy some to make paper-cutting templates, but I don't know
where to find it. I took the sample to a local plastic place (Tap
plastics) and they didn't know what it was or have any.

Can anyone help?


          Gary Hillerson
H i l l y s u n   E n t e r p r i s e s
   Informed Technical Writing
         www.hillysun.com <http://www.hillysun.com/>

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