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Printer/binder needed

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I'm looking for a printer for a book I've authored about the Adirondack
Mountains of New York. I'll need a small run of about 150.
I would like the book to be bound in a material similar to birch bark and
the paper and the typography to be representative of the topic. There are
about 15 photo's which can be either printed or tipped in copies. Length is
about 150 pages.
These are just rough ideas and I'm receptive to any similar approach.
My budget is $60.00 per copy.
If anyone on the list is interested in taking on this project or has any
ideas regarding format, binding etc., let me know either on or off list.

Larry Miller
larrym@mail.talon.net <mailto:larrym@mail.talon.net>
1612 N 15th Street
Reading, PA 19604


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