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Questions on signed books, bookplates and protecting books

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Hello Everyone,

I have 3 questions that hopefully someone can provide some suggestions

1.  I have an extensive library and personally enjoy having my books
signed by the author.  I usually get this accomplished at conventions.
Unfortunately, this often means that I am traveling with and carrying
around several books (often 6 to 12) at these events. I occasionally
also find that I left a book at home and the author is at the

Recently I started to wonder if there is a better alternative.  Perhaps
some sort of page that could be signed by the author and then placed
into the book at a later date?  (I have no real book binding experience
so the method of inserting the page would need to be fairly easy, I lurk
here because I enjoy learning new things and tips on how to care for old
books, etc).

If I pursue this solution a few questions come to mind.

a)  While as a collector I have do desire to sell any of my books, does
it affect the value of the book having a tipped in signature page versus
having the author sign an actual page of the book?

b)  Should the page be blank or some sort of "custom" page the author

c)  Recommendations on paper type?  If it's a custom page, should I look
into acid free ink for my printer (HP Photosmart P1000) if I plan on
designing and printing the pages myself?

Any thoughts and suggestions about this would be greatly appreciated.

2.  I am considering either creating a bookplate or having one created
for me.  Is this "still" an excepted practice in the "book" world?  If I
decide to do this, besides the acid free thing, is there anything else I
should consider?

3.  While cost is a consideration, I am also looking at "protecting" my
library.  Any pros and cons regarding:

    a)  Using Mylar Dust Jackets to protect the books.

    b)  Using Clamshell casings (or some such thing)?

Any suggestions, guidelines, etc in this area would be appreciated.



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