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Re: Questions on signed books, bookplates and protecting books

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At 12:29 PM 7/30/2001, Mark wrote:

>a)  While as a collector I have no desire to sell any of my books, does
>it affect the value of the book having a tipped in signature page versus
>having the author sign an actual page of the book?

A signed first edition will generally be more valuable than a copy of the
book with a signature on a separate piece of paper that has later been
tipped in.

>b)  Should the page be blank or some sort of "custom" page the author

A custom-printed leaf onto which an author has written an inscription or
signature on demand would probably make the result less valuable still --
unless the autograph-seeking maker of the custom leaf became so well known
that the books so altered  became of collectible interest in their own right.

>c)  Recommendations on paper type?  If it's a custom page, should I look
>into acid free ink for my printer (HP Photosmart P1000) if I plan on
>designing and printing the pages myself?Any thoughts and suggestions about
>this would be greatly appreciated.

Won't make a bit of difference. Don't do it. Carry the books with you and
have your authors sign them. You must suffer for your art.

>2.  I am considering either creating a bookplate or having one created
>for me.  Is this "still" an excepted practice in the "book" world?  If I
>decide to do this, besides the acid free thing, is there anything else I
>should consider?

Bookplates are still accepted.  A wise precept to bear in mind is that the
excellence of  book collectors is generally in reverse proportion to the
size of their bookplates. There are many freelance designers in this
country willing to run you up a good bookplate, if you want something
professionally done.

>3.  While cost is a consideration, I am also looking at "protecting" my
>library.  Any pros and cons regarding:
>     a)  Using Mylar Dust Jackets to protect the books.

Use them freely; they're almost always a good idea.

>b)  Using Clamshell casings (or some such thing)?

Also fine, though expensive.

Good luck with your collecting. In a year or two, we're going to be doing a
big public exhibition in the Rotunda at UVa on book-collecting autograph
hounds; stay tuned.

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